Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Clients seek my services as a ghostwriter for many reasons, but the most common one is lack of time. In our fast-paced world, many people can’t find the countless hours necessary to devote to telling the story that lives in their hearts or sharing the wisdom that lies untapped in their minds. Even with a ghostwriter, a would-be author still has to allot a number of hours to interviews. How much time that will take largely depends on the extent of the story or knowledge a person wishes to share. No matter how many interviews are required, the time saved by not writing the book yourself is no small thing. Writing a book is a major undertaking that involves huge chunks of time, so finding a ghostwriter may be the ideal solution for someone who is already stretched thin by current commitments.

A friend who happens to have an English degree confessed to me that it was more than lack of time for her. She said she could express her thoughts perfectly when teaching a class or discussing ideas with a companion but went as blank as her computer screen when faced with the prospect of putting words onto the page. Many clients share this issue. They can tell me with the greatest of ease what needs to be expressed, but they get a mental block when it comes to writing it.

Clients also employ a ghostwriter when their own expertise lies in a field other than writing. This is a large issue. Some people are naturals when it comes to putting pen to paper and conveying thoughts and feelings. Others simply find the process impossible. They may be wonderful entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers, scientists, healing arts practitioners, or a thousand other things, but they lack the training and experience needed to effectively express themselves as writers.

For some clients, the issue is the language itself. Occasionally I have clients whose primary language is something other than English. For them, working on a book in their second language would present challenges that could require a great deal of extra effort. In such cases it’s simply easier to hire someone else who can take their ideas and bring them into the language used by their audience.

These are only a few of the reasons for hiring a ghostwriter. You may have a different one. I look forward to helping you find your way to print by sharing your wisdom or your story in a way that captures your own style and still flows with the ease of a trained writer. Please get in touch if you want to discuss your project.