Occasional Poetry

Do you need a poem to commemorate a special occasion or eulogize a life well lived? I’ve written poems in honor of births, deaths, weddings, retirements, and more. This service is available for those who want to provide a unique gift of lyrical expression to mark a meaningful ceremony, celebration, or rite of passage.

I’ll require information about the recipient of the poem and the occasion to be marked, and a photograph sometimes provides inspiration as well. A phone conversation (or email correspondence) to discuss the subject of the poem sets the creative spark in motion.

Fees are based on the length and style of poem you need. (Most people seem to prefer rhyming poetry.) The average price range for a poem is from $50 to $100.

Here are a few examples of occasional poems that I have written. All are copyrighted.

In Honor of a Beloved Pastor
© 2017 Lillian D. Henderson

He was a man without pretense,
With character and common sense,
A steady hand upon the reins
Reaching out to those in pain.
He always had a listening ear
And eased our doubt and our fear.
With a loving and open heart,
He invited all to take part.
With carpenter’s hands he would build
So others’ dreams could be fulfilled.
No matter a soul’s condition,
To save each one was his mission.
His heart was always in his work,
His duties he could never shirk.
He counseled us in times of grief
When kindness and wisdom gave relief.
This precious minister-in-chief
Helped keep us strong in our belief.
He stood true to his convictions,
His heart always in benediction.
He was our pastor and our friend,
And we will love him without end.
Now he has gone to his reward,
To be with Christ whom he adored,
And we must live his legacy
So that every soul may be set free.

Little One Born of Love (for a baby shower)
© 1999 Lillian D. Henderson

You will bring a world of love
And bright blessings from above,
For you are born of giving hearts
That offer you a caring start
And welcome you with lots of hugs
To keep you warm and safe and snug.
We’ll greet you with hope and grace,
With tender touch and fond embrace,
For you will be a blessed child
On whose life the Fates have smiled.
When your sweet spirit at last arrives
You will blossom, grow and thrive.
Nurtured with father’s gentleness,
Nourished with mother’s tenderness,
You will drink in life’s delight
And shine into this world so bright!

For a Beloved Mother
© 2015 Lillian D. Henderson

Everywhere she goes she plants the seeds of love;
Flowers of the heart blossom with her light.
Her touch of gentle grace sent from God above
Nurtures every soul to climb to greater heights.

Her warm and loving gaze like rays of the sun
Nourishes the growth of joy in every heart.
Her laughter instills a heady sense of fun;
Her smile brings each morning its most perfect start.

Her kind words wash over us like soft, sweet rain;
Anchoring a foundation strong as the earth,
She bolsters our courage and soothes every pain,
Creating a groundwork of feelings of worth.

And we who bloom bright beneath her sunlit smiles,
Who flourish in joy thanks to her loving care,
Would leap to her aid or gladly walk for miles
Just to say “thank you” for all these gifts she shares.

The following poem was written at the college graduation of a oceanography student as she prepared to move far from home to do the work she loved.

The Voyage of Adventure
© 1996 Lillian D. Henderson

I see the ocean in her eyes
And in their depths the dolphins play,
And just beneath the surface lies
A land of dreams a world away,
Where her spirit swims amid the waves
In a dance only whales may know
And dives to underwater caves,
Where coral grows and neon fishes glow.
In her face the softness of a sea breeze
And in her smile the warmth of sunlight
As it spreads across the endless seas
Until each dark wave gleams gold and bright.
Soon she’ll walk upon another shore,
For there are deep sea worlds to explore,
And those she leaves on this fair strand
Will cherish her footprints in the sand.