About Creative Type

Creative Type is an editing and ghostwriting service that is part of Realization Press, a subsidiary of Convey Ink, Inc. Lillian D. Henderson (more commonly known as Diana) has been editing for Drew Becker Publishing and Realization Press since the company’s inception.

Diana began in this field during college when she worked as copy editor at The East Carolinian. After graduating with a degree in English, specialization in writing, and a minor a journalism, she spent a stint as a reporter before entering graduate school at UNCG to attain English teaching certification, which she completed in December 1982.

After a few years teaching high school English, Diana continued to use her writing and editing skills while working for Greensboro Artists’ League and Carson-Dellosa Publishing in the late 1980s and early ’90s. As a freelance editor and graphic designer, she honed her craft even further in the years that followed.

Diana joined the team of Convey Ink in 2002. Working as an editor, copywriter, and graphic designer, Diana immediately began to capture the spirit of clients’ businesses by bringing a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and artistry to her writing and designs.

With a love of wordplay and drawing, much of her life has focused on the pursuits of a powerful and gifted imagination. Diana is the author of Grandfather Poplar, one of Realization Press’ fiction offerings. She has three new titles coming soon.

With Convey Media Group, Diana has worked to help others plumb their inner resources and reveal their businesses to the world in a way that reflects their core ideals. As the in-house editor for Realization Press, she has edited many of the publishing company’s manuscripts. Her goal is to continue to let creativity flourish through her ghostwriting and copywriting and provide clarity through her editing in order to bring inviting, highly readable books to publication.